Darkness in Ebonyi as Radio stations go blind

By Israel Mbam

Media channels especially radio is one of the medium through which the public, those in rural areas in particular get to know happenings within their environment as well as information on government policies and programmes.

It is disheartening that at this period when government of all levels are sensitizing the masses on precautionary measures to curtail the second wave of coronavirus and other related issues in the country, the only two radio stations in Ebonyi stopped working, thereby forcing the State to go deaf and blind radio wise.

As the major source of information to people at the rural area, radio stations in Ebonyi State have not been given the needed attention by both Federal, State government and individuals.

The only Federal radio station in the State; 101.5 Unity FM Abakaliki has been abandoned by both governments, forcing them to always go on air for few hours as a result of lack of funding, power supply, manpower and equipment.

 Just recently, the station was gutted by fire. But till date, no government or individual cared to assist the station bounce back.

On the other hands, the State owned Ebonyi Broadcasting Corporation, EBBC recently went off air as a result of technical issues that affected the transmitter.

Prior to its recent condition, the radio station was turned to a political party praise singing platform where the masses are further blinded with propaganda and praise singing news rather than its primary role of information, education, entertainment and agenda setting.

A fast developing state like Ebonyi without balanced and unbiased radio station that runs its programmes uncensored for at least eighteen hours (18hrs) daily is simply a blind state, where the people are either deformed or misinformed.

Government and investors should help to save the people of Ebonyi from this mainstream media darkness.

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