About APC's forthcoming membership registration, revalidation exercise


The sypnosis of Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello's led registration mobilization committee, these are all to know about APC in its registration and revalidation exercise.  

 1. January 25 - Constitution and Training of 7-man State Registration Committees.        

2. January 28 to February 1 - Distribution of registration materials.     

 3. February 2 to February 16 - Membership Registration starts.   

4. February 17 to 20 - Collection of completed registration forms from the polling units, wards and LGA.                          

5. February 21 to 22 - Compilation of registers from registration forms. 

  6. February 23 to March 1-Display of membership registers, claims, appeals and objections if any.     
 7. March  2 to 9 - Return of membership registers to National


1. Every registrant will be required to attach 2 passport photo to the registration form.     
2. Every registrant will be required to pay party dues as prescribed by the party constitution and will be given dues card.             

 3.Only financial members of the party will vote and be voted for during congresses and party primary elections.

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