Ebonyi Focus: On the humbug and hogwash by Anyim Pius Anyim

            Anyim Pius Anyim.

ON THE HUMBUG AND HOGWASH BY ANYIM PIUS ANYIM, written by Francis Nwaze on Tuesday 1st December, 2020.

Read him:

My attention has been drawn to a hollow open letter addressed to the Chairman of Southeast Governor's Forum and Governor of Ebonyi State by the former President of the Senate and former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Anyim Pius Anyim in which he inexplicably accused the Governor of several baseless, tenuous and unprintable conspiracies to kill him.

Without mincing words, the open letter is so forsaken and pedestrian such that I wouldn’t have been joining issues with a green-eyed monster so enthused in envy, jealousy and bitterness but it has become expedient to put the record straight and save the discerning public of his egregious vituperations.

Although, there are several jaundiced issues raised by Anyim in his howler and humdrum ridden epistle, the most derisory is mentioning a journalist, Charles Otu. It is on record that His Excellency, the Governor has the best camaraderie with members of the Press across the Federation and this remains verifiable. For instance, at least 10 Journalists are occupying veritable positions of authority in the Umahi’s administration. It is also on record that members of the Press were among the first to receive palliatives and personal protective equipment from Government during the rage of the COVID-19 pandemic in the State. Governor Umahi has always respected and recognized the media as the fourth estate of the realm that play the role of watchdog in our democratic society.

It is, however, perplexing that Anyim who is famously anaconda to press freedom is the one assuming a saintly position in dealing with members of the Press.

 For instance, it has not been forgotten how Anyim allegedly offered the bribe of the whooping sum of 20 million naira to a certain National Daily Newspapers to sack or transfer its Correspondent in the State, Mr. Obinna for a publication he alleged was against him in one of their editions not so long ago.

More so, it is quite despicable that Anyim at his level and exposure is still unaware that street parties are common norms in developed countries of the world hence being engrossed in his superstitious beliefs that Udensi roundabout street party was a ritual gathering. This goes to show that Anyim himself is very diabolic and has been applying demonic powers to subdue his subjects all these years. 

By saying that he stopped attending the state party organized at the beautiful Udensi roundabout is a total description of a man who is kissing and vomiting at the same time. What stopped him from speaking up at the said time? Just last two weeks, he requested for a donation of a brand new Hilux Utility vehicle from the same man he now speaks ill of, the vehicle was delivered to him and he received it in appreciation.

For his information, Ebonyi has never been as beautiful as we now have it. The once rejected stone is now a chief corner stone. We take pride in where God has used His Excellency, Engr. David Umahi to place us today. We have other beautiful places we will be subsequently using for the street part which includes the newly constructed President Muhammadu Buhari glass tunnel/ Akanu Ibian roundabout. This place is a beauty to behold. We will also be using our ongoing international airport for a street party and we will continue to showcase what we have got to the world. These places are not meant for only sightseeing.

Again, it is excruciatingly incongruous that Anyim could accuse the Governor of threat to his life for simply raising alarm of plans by him and his likes to orchestrate blood bath in the State based on reliable security report; an action supposed of him as the Chief Security Officer of the State. And in line with the Governor’s security alert, cult clashes have in the past one week assumed alarming proportion in Ezza North Local Government Area and other parts of the State leading to several deaths and injuries; a justification of the reliability of the Governor’s warning about intending crises by Anyim and the National Assembly caucus from Ebonyi State.

Governor Umahi is notable for his unique way of resolving crisis, not just in the state but across the country. In January 2018, Umahi was made the Chairman of the sub-committee of farmers/headers conflict resolution in the country; a federal government assignment that was headed by the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo. He toured across the country to find lasting peace between herdsmen and farmers and his report was highly commended by the federal government as several solutions were provided. Governor Umahi’s efforts in ensuring that cultism and its activities are brought to a stop in the state is evidenced by the public repentance, confession and baptism of hundreds number of former cult members in the state. 

However, it is on record that Anyim himself is a terror-minded creature having masterminded mammoth destruction of property and lives through his niche of Abuja group politicking in parts of the State throughout his stints as President of the Senate and Secretary to the Government of the Federation. It is also in the public domain how Anyim now meddles even in family and hamlet elections in Ishiagu instigating pig-headed conflicts to divert attention and grab the people’s landed property without bargain, consultation and even measurement.

The expanse landed property secured with perimeter fence; housing the School of Forestry and usually previously labeled "In Jesus name” in Ishiagu is a testament to Anyim’s land-grabbing spree any day, any time.

 A case of land orchestrated violence in Ngwogwo sponsored by Anyim which led to the severing of a victim’s hand cannot also be forgotten in a hurry. 

This , he does by intimidating the people with thugs and security Agencies and leveling unbelievable and unthinkable accusations against unsuspecting persons who are deviant to his schemes. One Mr. Emmanuel who is a victim is still languishing in prison over allegation of kidnapping which he never thought of.

Most worrisome is that once Anyim has the opportunity of ascending to positions of trust; instead of bringing home life-touching amenities like it is obtainable among good leaders, he rather brings home acrimony and rancor. No single mark of his is standing as a former SGF and Senate President. He failed in every standard of measurement. 

Let it not be forgotten that for over 7 years, Anyim Pius Anyim held sway as President of the Senate and Secretary of the Federation; he brought no development to Ebonyi state in general and Ishiagu in particular to the extent that when a new generation Bank was to be sited in Ishiagu to allow competition with his personally owned Ishiagu Microfinance Bank, Anyim masterminded the deletion of the investor and the project has remained a chimera till today.

As if that is not enough, it was unraveled during Anyim’s EFCC trial that the Ishiagu Water project has remained his money-spinner as the project was awarded to him while he was the SGF and he ended up embezzling the money without executing the project. Even the ongoing Ishiagu Water project being executed by the administration of Governor David Nweze Umahi had been awarded to Anyim and he embezzled the money without carrying out the job.

The Ishiagu Electricity project has also continued to function as an avenue for Anyim to swindle successive administrations at the State and Federal of taxpayers’ money in the guise of executing the project to better the lots of his people but all to no avail.

These are not unconnected to the Governor’s revelations over the weekend that the backwardness of the State is caused by Stakeholders and leaders who collect monthly allowances, car gifts and have money meant for projects in their localities embezzled to the disadvantage of the supposed end users.

The Governor was referring to Anyim and other like-minded dull-witted lollipop and Casanova politicians whose stock-in-trade is diverting all political and employment opportunities to themselves and cronies. It would not be out of place to say that Anyim Pius Anyim is generally anti-grassroots development, especially in Ishiagu as he continues to aim at being the only crowing cock in the enormously vast Ishiagu ancient city. 

It could be recalled how Chief James Aro-Nweke used part of the Council fund while he was the Chairman of Ivo Local Government Area to sponsor Anyim’s election to the Senate but ended up falling out with him over Nweke’s insistence on building the Ishiagu Development Union Hall against Anyim’s “give me my share and forget the hall’’ bargain.

Show me a thing attracted, a scholarship given or project successfully executed by Anyim Pius Anyim while occupying the positions of trust and I shall open a floodgate of the developmental strides of Governor Umahi in Ebonyi State and beyond.

It is crystal clear that Anyim’s name will only appear multiple times in projects delayed, abandoned or badly done. Umahi leadership in the state has brought about quality and unmatchable projects, including 13 Flyovers, world Class College of medicine, the biggest and most beautiful shopping mall in west Africa, the first of its kind ecumenical center, the ongoing cargo/passengers airport, the concrete road technology, reconstruction of Ebonyi international market, reconstruction of the Ochudo centenary city, construction of the New government house, construction of 3 industrial clusters, reconstruction of the Udensi, government house, Abacha, Union Bank roundabouts, etc. Umahi has received multiple awards in Agricultural development, urban development, education and human capital development.

Just a few days ago, he announced and immediately commenced the profiling of 3000 youths and women who will be empowered with a grant of one million naira (N1, 000,000.00) per person for a business start up.

For Anyim, where are his contributions in the state and national building? 

This is generally the reason his kinsmen have abandoned him having seen that nothing good can come from him rather than self-imposed conflicts that have since left the once peace-abiding community shattered to shreds.

Anyim has shown ingratitude! He has shown the trait of madness and this year harmattan season is actually to be blamed on why Anyim has tolled the part of destruction.

It is correct for him (Anyim) to clarify and react to the security information brought upon him as regards his plot to use cultists to cause crisis in the state.

 This plot of his, to bypass the security information against him is dead on arrival. He should tell Ebonyians his interest and why this interest is worth more than the blood and property of Ebonyians and not focusing on diverting antics in the cloak of reporting to the general public.

Umahi has the real stakeholders of Ebonyi State and the grassroots which comprises above 99.9% of the entire population, the rest 0.1% which is allowed for Anyim and his likes is simply to keep opposition alive in the state.

The general public is therefore enjoined to disregard the ill-fated missive by the man being haunted by envy, greed, selfishness, bitterness and acrimony who has nothing to show as his achievements following his spell as President of the Senate and Secretary to the Government of the Federation that will stand him out as indispensable. Anyim is chiefly discussed and describe among high profiled personalities and political circle as a big for nothing politician.

Francis Nwaze is the Special Assistant to Ebonyi State Governor on Media and Publicity.

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