EBHA passes maternal, prenatal bill into law


 Ebonyi State House of Assembly (EBHA) has passed maternal and prenatal surveillance scheme into law, NATIONAL PANEL gathered

VON reports that Ebonyi Assembly Speaker, Chief Francis Nwifuru expressed happiness over the passage of the bill, stating that the law would allow for the proper prosecution of any maternal and prenatal  offenders.

The bill was sponsored by Mr. Oliver Osi.

Osi has thanked members of the House for accelerated passage of the bill into law.

He said the law would now stop maternal and prenatal deaths rate in Ebonyi State.

“We are going to ensure surveillance, more especially in the rural areas to reduce drastically the maternal and infant deaths in the State,” he stated.

Other bills passed into law included, a law to establish Ebonyi State Judiciary fund management and other matters connected thereto was also passed.

Also, a law to provide for the control, regulation, enforcement and Governance of Ebonyi State response to climate change and to introduce measures, reporting and verification of greenhouse gas emissions and other matters connected thereto was passed too.

Another law that was passed was a law to amend  Ebonyi State rural water supply and sanitation Agency.

A law to repeal and re-enact the establish land Instruments preparation in Ebonyi State.

Other laws passed were; a law to provide Ebonyi State market development board and for other matters connected thereto,  and a law to repeal and re-enact a law to establish land Instruments regulating filling of judgement affecting Lands in Ebonyi State and other matters connected thereto.

The House also screened and confirmed a nominated Member into Ebonyi State Revenue Appeal Board, Mr Joseph Nwonumara. -VON.


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