Umahi's defection, I know people will call him names - Buhari

By Victor Nwegede

President Mahummadu Buhari has commended Governor David Umahi's defection to APC.

Buhari stated that he was full aware some people would call the Ebonyi State Governor several names for his decision to leave PDP for APC.

Buhari made this statement on his social media page, in few minutes ago.

"I commend his boldness for taking this courageous decision in a country where principles are in short supply among many. I know people might call him names, but that is the price men of principle have to pay for acting according to their conscience and convictions.

I am proud of Governor David Umahi for taking the bold decision to defect to
@OfficialAPCNg in accordance with his conscience and principles rather than any external influence or coercion," Mr. President Twitted.

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