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   Governor David Umahi.

What has disentangled him from Ebonyi people in terms of willful applause is his inability to invest in education, employment and welfare.

Chika Nwoba Chika, the Publicity Secretary of All Progresives Congress, APC, Ebonyi State Chapter and also Public Affairs Analyst, just screened the leadership style of the State Governor, Engineer David Nweze Umahi following his clamouring to dump  PDP and join APC, the ruling party at the centre against 2023 elections. 

Read him:

One of the two greatest achievements of Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State is that his reign's actions and inactions have pushed Ebonyi on to the public billboard in the politics of Nigeria and the day to day sociopolitical discussions in the South East. It's an achievement that should be applauded even as hunger and political despondency among his appointees have taken a great toll internally.

Outsiders rate him higher above the realities staring his administration on the face. He's taken as one of the few performing governors in the country. There's no manner of argument with these external observers that will ever drift their thinking about him. And this has helped well in rewriting the ugly narratives that have overtime been associated with the state and people.

Yes! Governor Umahi would have been the best or nearing that rating in the record of those that have governed the state if he had loosened his tight fists against the welfare of the Ebonyi people. That he's preparing to join my party is nothing a germane reason to make me not mark him down in the areas he has failed woefully and possibly not ready to take a u-turn. Every leader needs truth in order to perform maximally. Ebonyi people irrespective of party leaning will be beneficiaries of this positive change.

If Governor Umahi had not approached our civil service and education sectors with an anachronistic treatment, he'd have been a complete star. It's though true that every administration has a focus, but any administration that doesn't invest in education and welfare of people has questions to answer. 
Ebonyi needs great investment in, and an in-depth focus on education and workforce. As a state still in its teething stage, these two areas should be given greater attention. 

But in the area of construction, Governor Umahi towers higher over any governor in Nigeria. His engineering wizardry is incomparable. His taste for quality is top-notch. Greatest is the fact that he initiates and completes projects within short period of time and pushes the proceeds into his pockets. What he gains is greater than the total costs of such projects. He's making millions for himself through construction. That's why he's focusing only on construction. 
He can build structures as hospitals, but cannot equip them. His interest is in the structure where he makes great returns. But the beauty and solidity of his construction works are applaudable. 

What has disentangled him from Ebonyi people in terms of willful applause is his inability to invest in education, employment and welfare. His empowerment schemes are a hoax. A leader of this height should not be padlocking all tributaries to economic and financial inflow into the coffers of common people, at least ones that are due to them. His IGR policy is anti people and needs reviewed. He needs told the truth. 
It seems that all the praises on him are paid for. He doesn't have that natural admiration flow. To praise him lavishly, one has to be paid because, it's not coming from the person's heart. He doesn't have it.

As a person not given to political sycophancy and eye-service, I will advise the governor to have Special Advisers, at least, five and make do with their advice. It's one thing to have advisers and another to take their advice. All he has are Special Assistants. He should come down from the Olympian podium of being a Nostradamus. Ebonyi will exist beyond a particular reign of power. 
Our people are not happy. They are hungry and intimidated. Those in government have no inputs to make in the running of the government into which they are appointed. It's not as though they have nothing to offer, they are not given the platform to contribute their quotas towards development of the state and day to day running of the government.

I know the implications this writeup might cause me, but I will be happy delt with for contributing my genuine quota towards deepening of democracy in my state.

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