Igbo youths reject S'East leaders' meeting with Presidential delegation, call it watery gathering


By Solomon Okemini

The apex socio-cultural youths body in Igbo land known as Ohanaeze Youth Council, OYC, has in entirety condemned the outcome of the South East governors and other Igbo leaders' meeting with the Presidential delegation at Enugu recently.

The disclosure was made by the National Executive Council of OYC led by Comrade Igboayaka O. Igboayaka, after the emergency meeting held on Monday 9 November, 2020 at Enugu.

OYC described the outcome of the meeting by the Igbo leaders as a sycophantic, watery gathering to eulogise the alleged worst underperformed President in the world and in Nigeria since 1960.

The group stated that the governors and other leaders of Igbo extraction gallivanted with the presidential delegates from President Muhammadu Buhari alleging them cowardly chickened out from canvassing the real issues concerning the economic growth and progress of Ndigbo.

"Unfortunately, the meeting merely culminated in a "Thank You Feast" while they fearfully and selfishly failed to query or present salient issues to the presidential delegates such as why $2.8b Ajaokuta, Kano and Kaduna gas pipeline project was awarded and Ala Igbo(Imo, Ebonyi, Enugu, Abia and Anambra states) that has the highest gas quantity in Nigeria was sidelined. These political elements could not present the need for an industrial gas pipeline in Igbo land, that will aid our region for an industrial revolution.

"The so-called gathering of political profiteers could not demand for the construction of Otuocha-Nmiata road to Kogi by extension to Abuja that was abandoned since 45 years ago. A federal road that connected Igbo land from Onitsha to the North, that can only take 3:30hrs drive to Abuja.

"It is a pity that our political office holders in Igbo land, deliberately shied away from bringing on the table the overdue demand of Ndigbo to have a regional security outfit like Amotekun.

"It is also very sad that South East governors and other political slave tools to the Northern political mafians could not present the burning issue of Restructuring as a collective position from Ndigbo which is the lasting solution for the age-long political instability and crisis in Nigeria.

"It is now obvious and quite unfortunate that these political opportunists, leeches and self-glorified leaders have lost their sense of humanity and must be retired come 2023. OYC National President Igboayaka cited that at the meeting of the South West governors and critical stakeholders in Yoruba land, they bravery demanded for the restructuring of the country to regional government, while the so-called leaders in South East ended up with singing hallelujah songs to the president just to curry favour from the northern political elements," OYC stated.

The Council equally reminded the South East Governors and other Igbo leaders whom it said, have lost the respect and control of the eastern people especially Igbo youths, stressing that "the upcoming protest that will be geared towards ending the current unitary system of government to pave way for true federalism can’t be controlled by selfish leaders in Igbo land."

It pointed out that the meeting lacked merit and endorsement of over 80 million Igbos whom they claim to represent and there was no democratic consultation with the Town Unions or youth organizations to determine the pressing needs of Ndigbo. It noted that a meeting without the representation and input of the Igbo youth whose present condition and future is being discussed, is a mere gathering of elites and oppressors, and any decision taken is to massage the ego of drowning politicians.

It regretted that since 1966, Ndigbo have not elected their own governors and leaders into position, but what we have in various states parading as governors are mostly agents of northern political oligarchy. Comrade Igboayaka in his words, described governors of Igbo extraction as "Ambassadors of Northern Mafia" And "Paid Agents".

The Council, therefore, reject and nullify that “gathering of shame” on 7th November, at the Executive chambers, Lion Building, Enugu State Government House by the governors and self-professed Igbo leaders.

Comrade Igboayaka warned the governors and all other leaders of Igbo extraction that the raging anger and pains of Igbo youths over poor representations in the Nigerian political project might not be quenched with harassment or intimidation by the Police and Army when started.

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