"APC government not sincere about restructuring"


Leaders under Akwa Ibom Leaders Vanguard (AKLV), have applauded the chieftain of All Progressives Congres, APC and governor of Kaduna Nasir El Rufai for coming out boldly on the vexed issue of restructuring, but stated that his party was not sincere about it.

National Coordinator, AKLV, Senator Anietie Okon who gave the verdict, explained that while the governor deserves commendations for what he described as his honest statement, it took so long for a high ranking official of the party to come out with such weighty pronouncement.

He said Nigerians deserve explanation on why the 2018 APC Committee report on restructuring has been left in the coolers for two years now, as according to him, the country would have been better off if the resolutions were applied given the myriad of insecurity and instability government is experiencing.

Senator Okon maintained that the country must be restructured to ensure equitable distribution of resources and enable states exercise consequential power, assume more responsibility and control resources so that they can deliver more dividends to their people.

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He said, ‘’In its altruistic definition of the word, El Rufai’s message is a rather welcome situation. But questions arise, why did APC wait till now to come up with its position? We need to know those who were suppressing entirely the 2018 Committee report by APC on restructuring. It can only be summarily guessed and they were those in the presidency that suppressed the report. Well, it has come rather late but a lot of insecurity and instability in governance today would have been avoided if they had released the report and the country was consistently working towards actualizing the report.

‘’ Do not forget that when they came in, they said they were going to discard the 2014 national conference recommendations and as far as they were concerned, it was materials for the trashcan. It is only now they are waking up to the real issues therein. Therefore, we have to take the report on its face value and that is what we are going with and that is what we have heard. You don’t know any other ulterior motive or ethnic agenda that will be dealt with because now, the country is on the path that no one person can solve. -Vanguard.

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