Fuel price hike: Nigerian livestock dealers cry woes, decry high taxation

By Victor Nwegede

The Nigerian livestock dealers have complained about the adverse effects the rise of the fuel price has posed on their businesses in the country.

The leaders of the live stock dealers in interview with NATIONAL PANEL revealed that the recent hike of the fuel pump price has almost crippled their businesses as the new development geared up the worsening effects of COVID-19 pandemic, dragging them backwardness in their various trades.

The Secretary of Almagamented Union of Cattle Dealers of Nigeria, Ebonyi State Chapter, Alhaji Sule Isah Mohammed,  disclosed this while briefing newsmen at Abakaliki, the state capital.

Mohammed said: "As you can see now, we are back to square one. This is a trying moment. COVID-19 is ravaging the globe, and this disease has become a very serious challenge to us. We are dragged to a square one, no business is flourishing. Worst of it all, is that the recent fuel price hike, has caused a very devastating blow. The increase in fuel price has skyrocketed the cost of our goods and transportation.

"As you can see,  we don't see buyers, and when any of them is seen, the prices are nothing to write home about."

He added that the state government has done its bit to cushion the effects of COVID-19 and however, expressed annoyance over the hike on fuel price in Nigeria.

"During the distribution of the paliatives, the state government did not specify the cattle dealers, but shared them to people living in the state.

"I will say, the state government has done its best, and individually, we did our own bit to cushion the effects of COVID-19 pandemic. 

"We commend Ebonyi government that ensured the palliatives were shared adequately to the inhabitants of this state. The government shared the palliatives by polling units where our members benefit from the place they normally vote during elections despite one's party affiliation, he or she must definitely benefit."

Further, he extolled Ebonyi leaders and their subjects  describing them as the most hospitable state in the Southeastern zone of the country.

"Ebonyi state people are hospitable Ibos. I am comfortably doing my business without disturbance or any molestation. Ebonyi State is homing many homes peacefully. We don't encounter any challenge. We feel at home, the State Governor is a caring leader. We don't face any challenge. 

"What we need to do is to buckle up because it is obviously known that Ebonyi is the fastest developing state in Nigeria as you can see. The system is changing drastically and dramatically."

The Secretary further advised Nigerians  especially the youths to imbibe by the spirit of oneness, peace and unity.

"What we need as Nigerians is to love one another because the tribal and religious differences have dealt with a very big progress to the unity of this country. 

"As an Hausa, you don't need to see me as a brother. As Ibo, I want to rule forever. These are the mentalities that should be stopped. 

He noted that the unity cord holding Nigeria demands loving one as another across the State.

"We need a viral and robust united Nigeria as a proverbial words, 'one love keeps us together.' This is a song of 80s by Onyeka Owen. One love keeps us together, we should emulate Onyeka Owen by the song. We should imbibe by the culture of oneness, peace and unity. This is only way that will take Nigeria to the  promise land. Nigeria is facing a global challenge. You talk about banditry, terrorism in the Northeast, segregation in the southeast, which is agitation. But what we need to do is to come to a round table and find out our problems and a lasting solution to it; that will bring about the unity of this country. This is my message for the youths of this Nation.

"We are affiliated to the state Government of Ebonyi. We need amenity-wise. We need a running water, electricity, the little you see here is out of our initiative. There is no presence of Federal, state or local government in our settlement here. We pay our dues, and we are only the business set, that has not been impacted by the state government", he said.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of Goat Market association in Abakaliki, Adamu Shauibu Adamu also commended the state government for their steady and harmonious relationship with the Hausa community, and however,  appealed to government functionaries to help them by stopping taxations on their members while bringing their livestocks for business in various states. 


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