Ebonyi 2023: The imperativeness of zoning system and Izzi son succeeding Umahi


From Mikel Chukwu

There is no contradiction to the fact that the people of Izhi Nodo abandoned their son, the 2015 Governorship candidate of Labour Party, Sir Arch. Dr. Edward Nkwegu (EDON) and gave overwhelming support to the incubent governor of Ebonyi State, Chief Engr. Dave Umahi with which he won the election with landslide margin.

 Such contemptuous and disdainful abandonment of their own son was necessitated by the fundamental reality which they were conscious of, that Ebonyi democracy since 1999 was founded by zoning formular or rotation of power. 

This zoning of political positions in the state since 1999 has become pragmatically incorporated, soaked up, and absorbed so much that it is not only applied in GOVERNORSHIP position, but also in all the positions. 

The successful practice of democracy in Ebonyi State through political zoning and other power-sharing arrangements have become mechanisms for administrative balancing, conflict mitigation and government structure formation in the state and we must assure its continuity.

Sen. Dr. Sam Egwu of Ebonyi North became the first civilian Governor of Ebonyi State. He was in the office for two terms of eight years tenure, between 1999 and 2007. 

In 2007, the power moved from the North to the adjacent zone, which is Ebonyi Central, where Chief Martin N. Elechi took over for his own eight years and on the completion in 2015, Chief Elechi brought in Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu from Ebonyi South which was the right zone to produce his successor. 

The crises that played which saw Engr. David  Umahi of the same Ebonyi South as the PDP governorship candidate instead of Prof Chukwu was PDP's internal affairs and it was privy to the party. Chief Elechi knew that after Ebonyi Central, it would be Ebonyi South, and he worked towards that. Good enough that PDP ultimately gave the ticket to the deserved zone.

If Ebonyi North which has four local governments, (Izhi clan having three of Izzi, Abakaliki and Ebonyi local government Areas), had given Edon the desired and outstanding support, Edon would have won the election with mind- boggling margin. They knew it was not their rota to ascend to the number throne in the state, Edon stood the election on his own, and not to the credit of Izhi people.

One may ask, "why did Edon contest the election?" They answer is, "it is usual as every zone has always contested against the deserved one". At different times like Edon, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu and Chief Lawrence Nwuruku contested against Sam Egwu, Sen. Azu Agboti, Dr. Igwe Aja Nwachukwu and others contested against the deserved zone at the same and different times respectively, but nature possesses its significant feature of influencing a situation. No wonder, Engr. David Umahi won the election against what seemed to be "state government back up" to Edon. 

It is only the mischief makers that preach paradigm shift. They are unaware of the implications. We must advocate for zoning and power rotation. Power rotation encourages peace and stability in the polity. It brings equity, maximises justice and promotes fairness. 

Somebody wrote that there is no charter of equity in Ebonyi State, who wrote it, where was it written and who were the signatories? It might not be written, but zoning has become a pattern, a way of doing something, a pattern of thought, a system of beliefs, a conceptual framework and a conventional practice by which we enjoy peaceful democracy in our dear state. Let me say it clearly that Izhi son in Ebonyi North is the next Governor of Ebonyi State. Any other clan that wishes to contest is waisting its time.

To Ezza nation, we are people of good conscience. We must throw our weight in support of Izhi, and expect the measure in the higher proportion after them. We are the oldest clan, but nature knew why the power began from Ebonyi North. It will be bed of roses and walk over for us if we support Izhi in 2023. Be assured of sympathy votes from Ebonyians if we work for Izhi. I implore you my dear brothers not to contest in 2023 for governorship. You will not win and at the same time, reduce your political worth against next time after Izhi.

We must support them for them to support and hand over to us after their own turn.

May God bless Ebonyi State.

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