2023: Izzi Nnodo agenda, prospectus and the truth at marble in Ebonyi politics

By Monday Oketa

Predicting Ebonyi politics is like negotiating the prices of uncaught fishes in the river, or two hunters who fought on the street while arguing who will catch a female grasscuter and who will catch a male rabbit; such an argument never paid attention to this matter of equity and fairness nor considered whether or not female grasscuter is equal or bigger than male rabbit.

They fought tooth and nail because they were not trained to understand the powers and dictates of NATURE. They failed to understand that nature chooses who to bless with female grasscuter and who to bless with male rabbit.

In his words, " the refusal to take side on the great moral issue is on itself a decision already taken", in an extension, Archbishop Fulton Jean Sheen attributed the refusal to take side on moral issue as a " silent acquiescence to devil itself" of course, the above assertion refers to those who are hiding under the pretence that 2023 election is still far but have already perfected plans of "who will be where and where will be who."  Worst still are those who remain silent, dumb, doormat and skeptical to challenging the pending doom ahead.

Yes, ofcourse, despite the complexity of predicting the politics of Ebonyi state as 2023 approaches, Izzi NNODO clan is believed to be on the side of favour in producing the next Governor of Ebonyi State.

Though, what is good for the goose is also good for the gander, this writer believes that, the case of IZZI NNODO and her sister clan Ezza Ezekuna, will not follow the paths of the two hunters described above. Why or why not?

The truth as far fetched is that Izzi NNODO clan which comprises of three populated and distinct local Government Areas; Abakaliki, Izzi and Ebonyi LGAs fall under Ebonyi North Senatorial district which is highly favored by zoning, equity, and fairness in distribution of powers across the three zones of Ebonyi State.

However, the popular saying which is dorminant in the sister's clan is that, the zoning arrangements have been completed amongst the three Senatorial zones while encouraging the next zoning to effect the Eldest clan amongst Abakaliki block; the belief which average Ebonyi people consider as childish, cunning and deceitful.

Just like the position of Ndigbo in Federal Republic of Nigeria, is the position of Ndu Izzi in Ebonyi State.  It is apparently hypocritical and an act of wickedness to believe in and be chanting for and be agitating for the "President of Igbo extraction come 2023 in Nigeria" and at the same time, disaprove the calls and agitations for "the Governorship position of IZZI NNODO clan come 2023." It all bothers on marginalization, equity, fairness and equal distribution of powers.

While considering the prospective view of the millions of Ebonyi people, they are highly  expecting that the incubent Governor of Ebonyi State will remain neutral without any form of imposition of candidate to succeed him considering the fact that he won his election In 2015 through sympathy votes from Ebonyi people across over 270 political wards in the state as  against the interest and candidacy imposed by his predecessor, Chief Martins Nwanchor Elechi.

Ebonyi people believe in the popular song of the late highlife musician, Chief Osita Osadebe, "as I bought the goat, na so I take sell the goat."

Governor Umahi came to power without the influence of his boss,  so he is expected never to influence the emergency of any incoming successor.

The truth placed at the marble is that, the great IZZI NNODO Nation deserves every form of support from all other sister clans Ezza,, Ikwo, Ngbo, Ohaozara, Afikpo, Ishiagu, and many others be it material support, solidarity or otherwise.

IZZI NNODO is a clan that made up of about 40% total population of Ebonyi State and has produced competent, qualified and renowned political elites who has made huge contributions for the development of Ebonyi State and Nigeria at large.

IZZI people are industrious people highly known for placing value at highest esteem over their neighbours, very disciplined, cultured, peaceful, accommodating, reliable and trustworthy. The best thing that would happen to the good people of the state is to have IZZI son or daughter as the next Governor of Ebonyi State.

There is no gain saying that, the good people of IZZI are very ready to embrace this truth at marble.

Having said this, may I encourage our leaders and stakeholders to do the needful and never to fail the Youths who are ever ready to overcome every political pressure and take their futures with their hands.

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