The song of Sam Egwu

By Williams Omeji 

Tommorrow when the bells chime

When the fortunes of our past, present and future will be told in time,

We will surely rememeber the man who took our hands and said 'let's move'...ka anyi jebenu

His convictions were beyond words; they were practical actions forged out of conscience and lived out of pure intentions to make life better for everyone irrespective of whose household they came.

He was chosen to lead us, yes all of us NDIEBONYI not because another could not have been chosen but because his heart was seen and its content was everything we needed at the time.

He rose with the brilliance and charms of the morning sun shining love and prosperity unto our people.

He gave us the tool of the whiteman that indeed we could understand the dynamics and trajectory of civilisation partaking actively in the re-engineering of the new world.

He led us in the contest for dignity and awoke the sleeping 'odogwu' in all of us. Together we danced in victory and are still dancing.

Today our people can stand tall, shoulder high in gatherings of NDIGBO and say Igbo mma mma nu without recieving a smirk and that contemptous whisper that questions "are these ones really Igbo"?

Today, right before the eyes of our leader, we blow the flutes in honor, beat the drums with pride and celebrate in dance the monuments of achievement in his name.

He did it before, still does and is still willing to do what he knows best to do...SERVICE

Let the strangers know that the man whose works my hands have written is His Excellency Senator Sam Egwu, AKADIKE NDIGBO, the colossal achiever, the courageous Agu nwoke and the undisputed odogwu.

He still leads us and his works like a mighty deluge keeps surging. Today we enjoy the dividends of passionate leadership brought to us by NNA ANYI Sam Egwu but tommorrow when we turn around to count our fortunes we should never forget the man by whose hands God gave them to us.

Alas let the children of righteousness, the offspring of true democracy join us in the ever inspiring  SONG OF SAM EGWU. Let their voices be lost in the glorious rhythms and lyrics of:

*Sam Egwu n'idi anyi nma mbo mbo*

*Sam Egwu n'idi anyi nma mbo mbo, onye chimereze na mmadu apughi inaya mbo mbo*

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