Sounds of courage for APC


From Emmanuel Ekpubre

"To call war the soil of courage and virtue is like calling debauchery the soil of love". The pessimists, the moles,  the opposition's apologists in our midst can't weigh us down. 
APC as a ruling party is trailblazing her 5years  in  Governance with mind-blowing innovations, aimed at bringing succours to the quadaries of the Nigerian people. Nigerians can't keep celebrating evil forever. APC remains the only political party that can fix Nigeria. The only party that can take development-prone decisions without minding "who's ox is gored"   

There are still more work to do done, we can't exit in 2023. Impossible!!!
The "goods are being delivered". APC Government is rolling out policies, that her predecessors couldn't just sumup the guts to pull out, with envisaged long-run positive impact, aimed at putting the national economy on long-run equilibrium for our collective prosperity, while tactically avoiding the "combustibles". Primary inferences from APC policies, naturally may come with daunting statistics, but in the long-run will provide panacea, provide populists nostrum, to the nation's grievous and multifaceted economic nightmare. Infact, Nigeria as a nation is at the apogee of her glory, no matter the way we look at it. We can't do better than this, considering where we came from and  contemporary economic forces interacting against national survival.

The pessimistic minds, those who feel disenfranchised from developments in the party can pull-over if prospects are sighted elsewhere, instead of staying to preach the gospel of emasculation, dampening the optimism in some of us who sacrificed munificiently  for the party. It pains to see card carrying members of APC calling the party names, applauding the opposition unreservedly, just because of one or two faces they don't like in the party. It pains to see members uproariously making jest of APC,  attitudes, without suggesting ways forward. It's the height of anti-partisanship . It's uncharacteristic of a ward builder.

We shouldn't forget that some of our friends who ran to the opposition in Akwa Ibom State and other opposition controlled States in 2019 have been labelled strangers and golddiggers. Still sitting on the fence, exclusively sidelined by the ruling party in the states, upon their contributions to their new party. It's either you worship God or you submit to Satan. You can't join the two. That is the wisdom.

APC is alive and kicking. 2023 is a sure victory. The loss in Edo state should never be adjudged a benchmark for the strength of APC. Akwa Ibom State and many opposition controlled states will surely be captured. Permutations are already on the draft board.

Please don't forget, I come in peace. Let's build our Great Party.

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