Kogi Tragedy: The Death and The Devil Drivers


From Celestine Okeh

The smoke went up, shocking the clear day sky into a sudden darkness, as if the very heavens themselves raged against shedding their light on this horror.

One man’s recklessness behind the wheels of a truck sent 23 innocent souls back to their creator in one premature morning. Crushed and mangled bodies, arrested in mid-business, dismembered and burning in the infernal melée.  

It was a gory sight. Strong men broke down and babbled like babies. I wept. Lokoja wept. Kogi wept.

The recklessness of these truck drivers who fly like demons on assignment from hell needs to be curtailed. It will be curtailed. If they cannot observe the niceties of slowing down at busy intersections, then we will just have to device means of containing their madness.

I pray the souls of the departed to Rest In Peace.

We are all touched, but I condole with those directly touched by this sudden and utterly avoidable tragedy. 

We are pained - beyond words. This is one too many of a recurring and heartbreaking tragedy.

Never again.

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