I heard the whispers

From  Felix Uche Akam

Tyranny or dictatorship is not only an unrestrained exercise of political power, but a domineering attitude of moral judgement where we have not  been invited as umpires. The growing tyranny of subjectivism or dictatorship of relativism is a new form of complex birthed by the post-truth society.

Liberalism which began as a resistance to dogmatic attitude of conservativism, has ended up sadly in its intolerance of divergent views and its doctrine of socio-political correctness.

There are two sides to whatever that happens and to whatever you believe- your perspective and the other's. Sometimes, we have got to be patient and examine both positions before running to a conclusion.

It is easy to respond to the reactions of an aggrieved man, but only few would examine the stimulus. What it is to be a bat is only known to the bat, so say ls J. J. Hart.

I had two friends here with temperamental issues. One is down already but one is still standing. This guy seems to have a problem with my profession which he once claimed was the source of my followership on social media. I do not need to remind him that his fallacy is punctured by the fact that no profession gives one a social media followership unless one works for it.

Otherwise, how does one explain the fact that a secondary school student who has never passed mathematics in her life would make a post here and within 10 mins, she will have more than 1k 'likes', while a professor of mathematics with articles in, reputable international journals would make a post and after five days, he will get three likes- his own like and two from his students preparing for re-sits. That's by the way.

This temperamental friend comes to my wall at slightest opportunities to rain abuses and insults on my followers. Some of my friends writing this post have received their share of the guy's insolence. In handling him, I have not been guided by my profession but my emotional maturity. I had severally restrained from refuting bogus claims he had made while insulting my friends who don't know him in real life.

Step into an imaginary scenario! You wake up one day to read on the social media, where in losing control of my emotion, I decide to take on this guy who has consistently rained abuses on me and my followers. What will be your judgement?

Look, respect is reciprocal. No one in life has a vocational or professional licence to make this life unbearable for others. If you consistently scratch people's emotional surface through insults or falsehood to a point where it catches fire, don't expect the aggrieved to dial 112 to extinguish the fire, because he is a man of God. People are born with emotions and where they get to a point where they have been constantly boxed to a corner, they have the freedom to allow it catch fire and burn down the stimulus or the cage.

This may not fit into that particular narrative you might be thinking as every incident is singular and unique. However, the attitude of expecting excellence when you are good in pushing excreta to people is akin to working for PMB and expecting handsome reward from Nnamdi Kanu.

Do what is expected of your own vocation or profession within the limits of your temperamental maturity and leave others. The fact that one claims to be a victim does not mean he has not been victimising others. Actions and reactions are equal and opposite. This is a law of physics and not religion.

I was only silent, I was not deaf. I am back.

(c) Felix Uche Akam 08.09.2020

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