Ebonyi internal security: No loopholes will be left out - Bone


By Victor Nwegede

Working towards the sustenance of the security templates of Governor David Nweze Umahi, his Special Assistant on Internal Security and Public Utilities, Ebonyi Central Senatorial Zone, Hon. Onyekachi Nwoba JP, has called the members of the state Neighborhood Watch under his jurisdiction to show more commitment and dedication to their duties.

Onyekachi Nwoba who is popularly known as Bone, stated on Tuesday that, "no loopholes will be left out" while delivering his assignment when he had an interaction with journalists at Abakaliki after meeting with his subjects within the state urban.

The Special Assistant who had an interface with the Neighabourhood Watch members of discos 5, 10, 12 and 14 explained that each disco has a total number of twenty persons and however, cautioned those showing laxity to duty to sit up to avoid loosing their jobs.

Hear him: "We discovered that there were some loopholes in their jobs. Some were no longer dedicated. Most of them no longer have the passion to do the job. As far as the security work is concerned, the Governor of Ebonyi State, Chief David Umahi deemed it very necessary and saw it very significant. That is why our Governor in his first set of the Executive members after winning election results n 2019,  appointed the Special Assistants on Internal Security to ensure that the security of the people's lives and properties is well protected. And that is what we are doing.

"In the course of doing this, we discovered that there are loopholes in the neighborhood watch. Many are no longer interested in doing that job. But we have cautioned them, and this sounds as the last warning to identify those who have not met up with the attendence. 

"If a member of neighabourhood watch didn't come to work with a cogent reason, we can comfortably consider that, but a situation where he absents himself from duty for more than 14 days out of the 30 days in a month, it means such person is no longer dedicated. 

"And the job of security is a job of dedication, transparency, having passion and zeal to do it. It is a job that can propel you to a higher position and it is a job that can mar you. That is why today, we charged them to be more proactive, as they go back to their duties and their attendance will be taken every night. We move round the whole town to ensure no foul play takes place because security work is a serious issue."

Further, he extolled the leadership of Governor Umahi, saying that the governor has performed excellently in the areas of security and inter-state relationships with many outstanding records in the infrastructural and human development of the state.

"I thank God in the whole 36 states of the Federation, Ebonyi is still the first and best state, that its security is intact. 

"We are one Nigeria, Governor David Umahi is a peace loving leader. His administration interprets that we have inter-state relationships. If there is no love,  there is no good thing connected with all of us. It is because Ebonyi is calm, the governor today can boast of being the best in infrastructural and human development among the whole 36 state governors in Nigeria. His gigantic records on infrastructures, just like the shopping mall, the ecumenical centre, the international air port going on, quality roads and flyovers constructed in the state have showed he is just a Professor of infrastructure", he added.

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