Ebonyi-Cross River crisis: Igbeagu VGI calls NBC to demarcate boundary for peace

Following the recent attacks and killings recorded at Amachi, one of Izzi communities in Abakaliki local government area in Ebonyi, the vigilante groups of Igbeaga community in Izzi council area of the state, has called the National Boundary Commission, NBC, to demarcate the conflicting boundary in order to install permanent peace within the crisis zones in the country.

The village head of Nwezenyi in Igbeagu Community and the Patron of Igbeagu Autonomous community's vigilante group in the area, Chief Pius Ola (aka Nwambada Igbo one of Igbeagu Community) has expressed dismay on the conflicting matters boarded on the boundary between the two sister communities in the country, calling for an urgent intervention by the Federal Government while  appealing to the NBC to demarcate the boundary which having been causing the destructions of lives and properties in the area. 

Chief Ola advised the Igbeagu vigilante group on Monday to work with a loving spirit, and also called the community stakeholders to always encourage the security outfits by taking care of them and as well to device ways to bringing  a permanent peace in the area.

Ola equally advised the Cross River people to ensue their sword because of the conflict emanating from boundary has got out off hands endangering the blood ties between the two sister states. He noted that Ebonyi and cross River people had established a cordial relationship which in his words, deserves no interference following the recent development revolving on boundary dispute as one people.

The Commander of Nwezenyi Vigilant group, Ejiofor Ezenyi noted that the recent attack on his community by the Cross River People really affected Amachi community in Abakaliki Council badly,  saying  that four persons were killed in the saga.

He called the community stakeholders to take care of the security outfits, by being giving out a reliable information to the state governor for his quick response to install peace in the crisis zone.

In addition, the Chairman of Nwezenyi village in Igbeagu Community, Mr. Joseph Nwambam (aka onyeuwa General) stated that the community is trying in all means  to secure the area without biasness. He noted that over 77 villages in the community, Nwezenyi is most peace, asking his people to join suit.

He urged the the Chairman local government area, Hon. Paul James Nwogha and the state government under the watch of Governor David Umahi to intervene by installing a permanent peace in the state. 

He equally called the Cross River people to ensue their sword owing to his opinion that, the two states are brothers while advocating for a permanent peace.

Also Speaking, James Ifeta, decried all divisive tendencies trailing Igbeagu Community and beyond, calling for peace and unity in the area and all neighabouring communities.

Further, Mr. Chukwuma Ogaba added that many village people in Igbeagu had complained that the community is too large to be under the rulership of one traditional ruler.

He called for the multiplication of the community into at least five autonomous communities, expressing confidence that such a move would bring a permanent peace while enumerating the conflicting matters on board within the axis.

Other stakeholders including the Chairman Nwezenyi Market Association, Egbe Nwifuru Aka,  Oliver Uguru Aka, the elder statesman of Nwezenyi Igbeagu Community, Deacon Solomon Ikpenyi Obataigbo and Pastor Jonas Egwuenyi called equally for  a permanent peace in all the communities in Izzi land and the entire State, urging individuals in the area to go by the spirits of peace, unity and progress. 

Recall that Alexander Okay (aka Ekwo Nju) and Iduma Sunday Alphred (aka Idu one thousand of Igbeagu- le- onuegu Izhi ophu)  had urged for peaceful co-existence between the two sister states.

"I am peacemaker, but I wouldn't like anybody to attack me. I feel so bad how I was attacked at Amachi in Abakaliki local government area. Izzi land has no division and that's why you see our land is not scattered. We live in the same area, though, large enough to the envy of our enemies. I advise those envying Izzi people because of our natural inherited endowments to stay clear and avoid looking for our trouble", Uduma said.
Therefore, the group has endorsed their Patron, Nwambada Igbo one of Igbeagu Community to complete his second terms in office following his administrative wise in the first tenure as a community leader.


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