CAN President visits Umahi, unveils killers of Nigeria leadership

By Victor Nwegede

The President of Christians Association of Nigeria, CAN, Rev. Dr. Sampson Ayokunkle, Thursday, paid a courtesy visit to the Ebonyi State Governor, Engr. David Nweze Umahi at Exco-Chambers, Old Government House, Abakaliki. 

Dr. Ayokunkle in his mission statement, commended the governor for opening his doors wide to receive the leadership of the churches in Nigeria.

He explained that he came for the inauguration of the new executive members of CAN in Ebonyi following the rancour free of the state-wide-elections while expressing gratitude on Governor Umahi's accomodation of the Christians' leaders in his administration. 

 He said: "I come here to thank you for being a disciple of Christ in government through your patriotic leadership. When I am saying this, it is not to flatter you, because, I have seen what you have done since you take the mantle of leadership of Ebonyi State. When I got the areaners where you built the international conference centre, the international shopping centre, the cathedral called a chapel for the church in Ebonyi State, one we think it is the New York or any other developed city of the world. It means that our nation can be transformed with leaders who are like children of Isaac, the people who have understanding and know what is ought to do. We thank God for bringing somebody like you and your team to leadership. 

"Two cannot work together except they agree. Therefore, I give kodus to your team for purposeful leadership. I want to also encourage you with our team, we are identifying with you in the progress you are making. And we want this to serve as a reinforcement for a better performance. 

"I am here in the third place, to thank you for partnering with the church in Ebonyi State and also at the national level. We saw how you have been making use of the leadership of the church in running your government putting them at the centre of the activities and even giving them special advisers. I was listening to  radio yesterday, where the state CAN Chairman was described as the 'consensus of the executives.' 

"Thank you for giving him a platform to perform. If you have not offered that, the ingenuities within him would have died with him. We cannot take these for granted. We have to praise you to high levels, for these wisdom so that others might be provoked in other states to find the resources in the church to move their states forward."

The National CAN Boss urged Umahi to continue leading his people with fear of God by living a life of a leader, the generations to come will still testify his excellent legacies in the society, praying that his successor would toe his footprints as he wished the governor a better platform to serve humanity.

"After you have finished your tenure, the works you have done will continue to speak for you. It's only our prayers that a man of wisdom and love for the people will succeed in your office after you have left this position in the name of Jesus. We also pray, since you have done a good work here, God will reward you with a better platform to serve your generation in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank you once more Sir, for putting God first, by building the most beautiful chapel any sitting government ever built in Nigeria. Not only beautiful but the biggest I have seen in all the states. It is a tourist centre which will bring many people to Nigeria; and see that Nigeria is the capital of the worship of the living God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

 "Your Excellency, your reward is not limited to this world because God will not owe anyone anything. And as God rewards you in this world, you will get your greater rewards where you will see Jesus face to face. He will continue to refill Himself in you more and more so that nothing which He has proposed to do for His people through you might fail and in that, His good works will continue to prosper in your hands in the name of Jesus Christ. 

"Let me appreciate you finally, for not only remembering the churches in the state but also at the national level. I think you are only the state governor that will remember the church leaders at the national level during Christmas. We pray that God will always put you first, and remember you for good as Jeremiah prayed: "I have done all these things, oh God, please remember me, ...I think it is good to pray that prayer for you, that the Lord will remember you for good, for all the good you have done with the people of God and people of Ebonyi State in general in Jesus name, Amen. Please, carry on, the Lord is with you like a  mighty warrior and He will never let you down.  He that has lifted you up, will never let you down in the name of Jesus, amen", the man of God prayed and also commended the governor's cabinets with all his artilleries, asking for God's wisdom upon them. 

Earlier, he expressed unsatisfactory feeling on the leadership system of Nigeria, which he pointed out that self-centredness and other inordinate tendencies have been in the front burner of the domineering priorities of the nation's leaders.

Governor David Umahi's representative, his Deputy, Barr. Eric Igwe in a group picture with CAN President, Rev. Dr. Sampson Ayokunkle, Ebonyi State CAN Chairman, Fr. Abraham Nwali and other officials. 
"Our leaders are saying the economy has gone bad, when we have economy boom, did we see any different. Did they come and tell us in any day before now that the economy is good. Why are they now telling us that the economy is bad but you didn't tell us when it was good. 

"If we are perfect, the resources that God has given us with ingenuities, we wouldn't be where we are. People like His Excellency , Governor David Umahi would be sat down and asked him, when you were receiving the second to the least allocation, how have you been able to do all that you have accomplished?  I think what he will tell you is the desire to invest not to aggrandize. Personal aggrandizement that we have in Nigeria is killing the nation."

He however, advised individuals especially the country's leaders and those piloting affairs of various organizations to always be contented with what they have without minding self interest.

"Every Nigerian is thinking of what he or she can benefit from it. What I can take out of it, but Bible warns, be contented with what you have, because you have brought nothing to this world. And it is certain, you shall take nothing away from it. Think of what you can do for your people, as they try to weep, you can cease the people's pain. These are things that can make you to be rich before God. Be selfless. When you are busy pursuing for the good of others, God will be busy pursuing for your own good.   ...if you seek leadership, you don't need to trace the meaning of provocation. The tin hairs cover the body and doesn't allow eyes to see the wickedness of the man. You can never please all men, try as much as you can to please God", he advised.

The President who were in Ebonyi for the inauguration of the state CAN Chairman, Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Abraham Nwali, challenged the entire executives of the association to lead by example despite the difficulties they may encounter, stressing that, their callings as God's ministers demand a serious commitment to present the protraits of a good leader in the society for others to emulate.

 He noted: "Leader's failure is organization's failure. If someone who is incompetitent is at the helm of affair of a race, a society or church organization like ours, no matter how abundant the resources at his or her disposal may be, such individual will still lead the organization to fail. The Bible says, "woe to you oh land when your king is a child and your princes feast in the morning", Ecclesiastes 10:16. In this case, somebody who is not mature for leadership and is therefore, incompetitent, because he is incompetitent, is also a misfit to the position he is occuping. The Bible says, woe to such a nation, a city or an organization. It is a quality of a leader determines the great extent or success of that organization or society. ...the portrait, I am saying, is a portrait of repairer. You are all repairers of the destroyed society. If organization is perfect, no organization will need a leader. If a state is perfect no state will need a Governor. But because there is imperfection in every human organization, we need a repairer. No leader should be intimidated by the problems on ground but should reflect and think, be confidence getting solutions to them."
He summed it up by charging all the societal leaders and individuals to present at all times the protraits of a leader who would serve as a repairer of the wastes, proper order, blameless, stewardship of selfless services with meekness by allowing provocation to distract them and running away from drunkenness alondside anything that is capable of tarnishing their image, ensuring  the spirit of coveteousnes, hospitality, accomodativeness and depending on the God's words being steadfast in throught their reign on Earth. 

Meanwhile, Governor David Umahi, represented by his Deputy, Barr. Eric Igwe, has congratulated the newly inaugurated state CAN Chairman and other officials, saying that Fr. Abraham Nwali's re-election for the second term in office as the leader of the association was as a result of his leadership ingenuities and selfless services to humanity, commending him for all support rendered for the smooth running of his administration.

He thus, appreciated the CAN President for his prayers and good wishes for the success of his administration, assuring him of keeping his divine undertaking to serve humanity with fear of God.

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